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Hi All,

I'm trying to refresh my resume since it's out of date and I don't really care for the format of it. Writing resumes is not my strong suit.  One of the things I'm lost on is how to list the positions I've held with my current employer. I've held 5 different positions ranging from desktop support, server admin, network engineer, cyber manager, to now network & security manager. There is a lot of overlap with the most recent 3 roles, as I took responsibilities with me when I switched to cyber and took them back when I transitioned back to my current role

Any good resume writers on here :)


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    My suggestions is list the employer information first and the positions you held under that employer, don't repost of the employer information for each position held. As for dates, you'll want a clear separation when you held the positions, even of duties overlapped for a time, pick a end date and start date for each position. Educate me what's the difference between a Cyber Manager and a Network & Security manager? I would think they would be the same thing, was your position reclassified? Generally it's Cyber Security Manager, so isn't Security Manager the same position?  Or did your role expand to include networking? If so why? Position elimination?    
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    Just make the delineation as clear as possible. A lot of recruiters that browse your resume quick enough to miss those job changes within the same organization.
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    So, normally you list a position, company, dates, job description.

    But when you have multiple positions with the same company, you could just continue that same approach, once for each distinct position. Or you could just summarize them: positions, company, dates, job descriptions.

    I flip flop back and forth on these. Me personally, I use the latter version where I just listed all 4 positions, gave dates, and then did a conglomeration of duties. This worked since my positions were all title changes or progressively more senior/advanced.

    Either way, it'll be a discussion in every interview you have. :)

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    thanks for the reply all

    @TechGromit - It's a little confusing :) So i was a network engineer and was promoted to cybersecurity manager, which was a hands on role (more like a mix of manager/engineer).  Since my background is in network security, I took a lot of those netsec responsibilities with me.   They were having issues on the network team, so I transitioned back to networking as a manager and took netsec back with me.  They replaced the cybersec manager job with someone else  (who doesn't deal with any netsec stuff).  I'm still hands on in my current manager role, so basically these three roles are very similar

    I've read that one option for a resume is do something like this but looks too weird to me

    Company Name    City, State    01/2004 - Present
    Network & Security Manager (01/2019 - Present)
    Cybersecurity Manager (01/2018 - 01/2019)
    Network Engineer (01/2016 - 01/2018)
    Server Admin (01/2010 - 01/2016)
    Desktop support (01/2004 - 01/2010)

    <summary goes here>

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