Issue with performance counters

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Morning folks.
Got a little issue with performance counters and wondered if anyone could shed some light. I'm currently working with two Windows 2008 R2 Standard servers that host a number of databases (not part of a cluster). All servers in our environment are managed via SCOM so we get alerts now and again if something isn't quite right.
One of the servers above reported that SCOM was unable to monitor performance of disks or collect data. When I looked at the Performance Monitor there were a lot of missing counters compared to it's counterpart server (LogicalDisk, Memory, USB etc). I estimated roughly 30-40 missing counters.
I tried rebuilding the counters by running lodctr /r for both System32 and SysWOW64. Both reported that it was successful but after a reboot they still didn't show. Nothing looks out of the ordinary software wise and I even ran an sfc /scannow just to double check and that came back fine.
Couldn't find any support online apart from trying what I already have done. Is anyone very familiar with PM who could advise here? Guess I should have spent more time reading up on my Maintain and Monitor section of my 70-740 :lol:
As this server supports a critical priority 1 application for our business I can't reboot or take it offline unless it's booked in advance OOO.
Many thanks.
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    Ok so I just tried copying the PerfStringBackup.ini file from the working server to the faulty one in System32. The working one is twice the size of the old one so you can tell something's wrong here. Copied both System32 and SysWOW64 versions, ran the lodctr /r command again, restarted the Performance Alert service and the WMI service, then ran winmgmt.exe /resyncperf. Loaded PM and... still not working. Checked the ini files again and they're definitely the working ones now. I think there's something in the registry I need to change but haven't quite figured that out yet. Will keep investigating.
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    Can you replicate this on another host?
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