Experience on the CCNA INTRO exam

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Hi there

Is there anyone with any experience on the CCNA INTRO exam
What kind of questions do i get? how may router sims? drag and dorp?
how many questions? what is the are the most common subjects of the questions?




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    I took the beta some time ago. I don't remember the exact amount of questions, somewhere between 50 and 60 I believe. Passing score is 867 on a 300-1000 scale.

    As Cisco says: you may get sims on all Cisco exams. (look for the exam objectives that start with 'configure' ;)) And yes, yhe exam includes drag and drop questions.

    It is against the 'rules' to disclose too much detail. But, most questions I got concerned basic networking, from ethernet design rules to port numbers. The remaining questions cover router config and analyze basics (common show commands, passwords config, managing config and IOS files etc.).
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    Thanks a lot!

    1 more question, are there any questions where you have to give a IEEE number ? cause i hate those questions i always choose the wrong number.


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    You're welcome :)

    Yes, you may get questioned on IEEE standards, i.e. what is the IEEE specification for STP?

    Just write them all (those mentioned in your study material) down and memorize them.
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