how do you fully prepare for this beast?

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Right now, I am working on the practice exam for this beast. Although I have real hands on and administration experience on Windows Server 2003, I would like to tell you guys that the practice exam on the MeasureUp is difficult. I couldve imagined the real exam is more harder. I feel thankful for the people who've passed this exam. :P

After the study of the whole MS book and some practice tests, I constantly got around 70-80. I know that this score comparing to a real exam means of close to pass only. This is why I have to ask you guys how you prepare for this beast FULLY. I don't want to underestimate this because from what I can tell, this exam is definitely harder than 270.

My aim is to pass it. I am gonna beat this beast dead. :D

Thanks guys.
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  • nuglobenuglobe Member Posts: 190
    The "beast" is usually 70-291 ;)
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    I am in the same boat as you. I only need 290 and 291 to complete MCSA but according to what I've seen so far on this great site and other places, 290 is not that bad. Some consider it easier than 270. The real beast is 291

    Right now I am using MS press, Syngress and CBT nuggets as study materials and I intend to study for 6 weeks before sitting for the test.
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  • SmallguySmallguy Member Posts: 597
    there is quite a bit of overlap with he 270 and 290....especially with permissinos I think I was even asked the exact same questions for permission on a few of them.
  • Vogon PoetVogon Poet Member Posts: 291
    I found 290 to be a challenge. I did OK, but know some folks that failed their first time out. Most of their problem was lack of adequate preparation. So much focus is often placed on permissions, remote connectivity, and ADUC that some people don't give the rest of the objectives enough attention.
    If you can discuss each objective knowledgeably (with examples) and implement them on a server, then you are probably in good shape.
    I used Syngress as my main book and Sybex as a supplement. I also used MeasureUp.
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  • kujayhawk93kujayhawk93 Member Posts: 355
    I had an easier time with 70-290 than I did with 70-270, but that was mostly due to the fact that I knew what to expect as far as how Microsoft structures the questions. 70-270 caught me a little off-guard in that respect, but I was better prepared for 70-290. I used MeasureUp for 70-290, and if anything, I would say that the practice tests are maybe a little more difficult than the exam questions. So, your 70-80% might translate to more like 75-85% on the real test. Make sure you know how to do the hands-on stuff, like configuring backups, assigning share and NTFS permissions, changing group scopes and types, and configuring IIS security options, because you'll need to know that stuff for the sims. Good luck!
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