Hello, will be taking CCNA soon and want to prep for CCNP

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I have been networking for around 10 years, not all Cisco though. I originally took the CCNA several years ago and am currently studying Sybex to retake it.

My question is how to prepare for the CCNP? I have read several good suggestions in here but am getting kinda confused as everyone has their own opinons of course. I am layed off so can put a lot of effort into studying. I did take all four classroom courses a few years ago for CCNP, which I know are outdated, but still I feel the stuff will come easier the second time around.

1. What would be the minimum equipment I would need to buy from Ebay as far as routers and switches?

2. Is the Sybex Complete(I am used to Sybex and kind of like them) a good enough book or will I need to buy some Cisco books as well? Does Sybex have a current book with the new changes?



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    This is how I am going to prepare:

    1. Build a lab in your house/room to use and do lab scenarios.

    2. Join a web based communited, ie. techexams.net , meet people and ask questions.

    3. Find a website/book where you can try practice questions. Don't use any **** sheet / **** sites. Use a reputable site or a book like Exam Cram.

    4. Books books books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more? Get the Cisco Press and also another source. At least two different publishers.

    5. Take notes and make a journal.

    - Optimus :D
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    Just like for the CCNA there is a Cisco CCNA Prep Center, there is now a Cisco CCNP Prep Center. Always a good starting point.

    You'd also be spending a bunch of time on the individual exam blueprint pages which are linked off of the Cisco CCNP Certification Page
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    Nice link damn! i didnt know about it thanks mike!
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