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Just finished the 70-270 and getting ready for the 70-290.

I used the Exam Cram 2 for the XP Pro exam and was going to use Exam Cram 2 for this exam, but just read that there is a 2nd edition coming in March.

Question: Should I wait for the 2nd edition, go with the 1st edition, or would you recommend another primary book for study?

Thanks in advance!


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    I actually like the Exam Prep series... but I have the MS Press book for the 70-290 (the MCSE bundle was on sell on amazon) and its actually pretty good.
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    I'd say your best bet would be to get a more comprehensive book, like the Exam Prep or the MS Press book. Exam Cram isn't bad, but it is exactly what it sounds like, a last-minute type of review book. The topics for 70-290 are generally a bit more in-depth than those on the 70-270, and you'll need something that'll cover all the areas of the exam in a lot of detail. And, of course, congratulations on passing the 70-270.

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    Congrats on passing your exam. I agree with Slowhand that a comprehensive book will serve you better. I used MSPress which did a pretty good job at explaining things. There's only 2 faults I have about the 70-290 book. First, they did a horrible job on the WMI section. Secondly, they put the Terminal Services chapter AFTER the index as if they were trying to hide the chapter. The book overall has good ratings and definitely did a pretty good job. Of course you can still use the Exam Cram 2 book after the Mspress. It would only help you more. Good luck with 290!
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    Thank you for the input. I've decided to take your advice and use Exam Cram 2 as a secondary source, and go with the MS Press book on this one.

    Thanks again!!
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