Passed finally - 771

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Passed today with 771. Simulations were the easiest of all the questions I had. This was my third attempt. I had a different bunch of questions each time rather than in previous exams having the same old same old. A very broad range of questions were in my exam. Glad to get it over with. Now onto the 291....


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    CONGRATS on PASSING./... :D was there any specific area mostly covered? how many sim did u get? any specific area,
  • amilneamilne Member Posts: 8 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I got about 5 sims. As I say, there was no specific area covered. All areas were covered this time which was quite surprising. The 70-270 I did only covered only about 3 topics. But this exam was better rounded than the other exams I took
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    Nice job!
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    Good work, congratulations
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    congrat and good luck for your 291. beat me by 14 points. I must have missed 1/2 or 1 question only.

    damn it.....



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