CompTIA considering "Wireless Technologies Testing&quot

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Just received this e-mail message and took the survey:
CompTIA would like to obtain your valuable input on testing for one's knowledge of wireless technologies. Please follow this link to answer the brief questionnaire.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

You have received this exclusive invitation because you either joined the CompTIA Research Panel or indicated your interest on this topic on an earlier survey.

Anyone else receive this? The survey asked for opinions and feedback in a couple of areas. I think CompTIA is giving it a serious look.

I'm studying, albeit half-heartedly, for CWNA. Plan to pick up the pace after this semester to take that exam. A related CompTIA wireless cert may make for an interesting compliment or perhaps a nice introduction to the one from Planet3 Wireless.


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    Yeah, I received it too. I'd rather see CWNP ("Planet3" is their 'old' name) release a basic networking and basic security cert like, but better than, Network+ and Security+. I don't really see a place for a wireless security cert from CompTIA. Looks like they want a piece of the market, like they got with Security+ when security became hot. Let's hope they do a better job this time of they go through with it.
    oldbarney wrote:
    nice introduction to the one from [CWNP]
    If you study well for the wireless networking related exam objectives in Network+ you'll have plenty of intro to start with either Wireless# or CWNA, which cover quite a few basics.
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    I received the same thing, decided to go through the survey and put myself on the list of people to potentially give some input with the exam, itself. Either way, I took it more as CompTIA shooting for a general "Wireless+" exam, rather than a cert focusing on wireless security, in particular. They seemed pretty keen on finding out about wireless troubleshooting and administration skills, as well as security. We'll have to wait and see what they make of it, I'll keep an eye on my inbox to see if they send me more information about it.

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    That's funny cause last year Comptia was doing a survey to ask if we wanted to see a Comptia wireless+ cert. I'm glad they're taking the answers seriously since they're doing this survey now :)

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    I would take Wireless+ if it ever came out. If it does come out it will be a long while before the beta test would be released.
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    The Wireless# (wireless sharp) certification is the entry-level wireless certification for the IT industry.

    Your Wireless# certification will get you started in your IT career by ensuring you have a solid base of applicable knowledge of:


    Benefits of Your Wireless# Certification

    Perfect entry into an IT career in wireless
    Offers a career differentiator, with enhanced credibility and marketability
    Proves you have a broad base of knowledge and competency in wireless
    Demonstrates your understanding of the differentiators among the latest wireless networking technologies
    Bachelors of Science in Telecommunications - Mt. Sierra College
    Masters of Networking and Communications Management, Focus in Wireless - Keller
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    I received an offer today from the CWNP Program
    Get Every Practice Test For Just $74.99
    One low price includes:

    - Wireless#
    - CWNA
    - CWSP
    - CWNE

    Normally each test is $49.99, you get them all for $74.99

    Use Coupon Code: xxxxxx

    Offer Expires Feb-14
    Sounds like a good deal to me. Looking at ordering in a few days.

    Anyone tried the practice tests yet? Your thoughts?
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    I've used the CWNP's online practice tests for both the CWNA and CWSP and I can say that they are a necessary benchmark to determine how well prepared you are to take the exams. They are very similar in style to the actual exam questions, although as you might expect, some of the exam questions are more difficult than what you might see in the practice exams.
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    I would take the Wireless+ in a heartbeat.
  • Chivalry1Chivalry1 Member Posts: 569
    No thanks Comptia. Maybe Cisco...but not Comptia.
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