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I was thinking to get the ccna cert, but a professor told to get SEC+. I ask, what it's better to have to get a decent job a CCNA & NET+ or NET+ & SEC+?


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    If you have no other work experience in IT, then none of the above will "get you a job"...
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    Both are good to have, but if you only had one I would do the CCNA. It stands alone better than a Security+.
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    Ok, i got 3 years experience in IT, so what you think would be better?
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    CCNA will help you more in getting a job but it is nice to have both. So if possible get both CCNA and Sec+.
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    The CCNA material is a lot more fun. The Sec+ is pretty dry. Still, the choice is yours. They are both good certs to have.
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    Really depends on what you want to do and how much time in study you still have and how much time you can alot to extra study on top of what your already studying.

    CCNA is a good grounding in networking but many have it these days which is why folks here say it's not enough on it's own. The thing about this certification in industry is that a thorough knowledge of the basics of networking will go a long way. You would be amazed how many PC and Server support guys don't kow the basics of networking, switching, routers, routing, etc. They don't need it for their job so they never learn it and it always remains a black art to them. A properly learnt ccna can form the basis of whatever field you move onto from the beginning. Also, the ccna is not for the feint hearted. It is a tough cert to get if you do it properly and understand the material rather than just memorisation. Understanding the syllabus will form a great basis. Memorisation and it will be gone from you head in 2 months.

    Sec+ is a great way to lead you into the cisco security certs and but you'll also need the ccna for that track so jobwise, it is better to do this after the ccna if you want to go down the security route..

    If your just after a professional qualification to help you get a job when you leave possibly this year then I would have to disagree with your professor and get that ccna nailed. Some of the earlier MS certs wouldn't hurt either if you have the time.
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