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Just wondering what books do you guys suggest to use for this exam, I pulled a few from Amazon that were pretty popular, wanted get your guys thoughts on these books. I've used Sybex, Microsoft and CompTIA books and all have been decent except MS books seem to be too lengthy.

Network+ Exam Cram 2 (Exam Cram N10-003) (Paperback) CDN$ 31.49 ISBN-10: 0789732548
ISBN-13: 978-0789732545

CompTIA Network+ Self-Study Guide (Paperback) CDN$ 27.06 ISBN-10: 1418009334
ISBN-13: 978-1418009335

Network+ Certification Passport, Second Edition (Paperback) CDN$ 27.69 ISBN-10: 0072253487 by Michael Meyers
ISBN-13: 978-0072253481
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  • kujayhawk93kujayhawk93 Member Posts: 355
    I used the Net+ Passport and Exam Cram 2 books, and scored very, very high.
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    Try Sybex study guide... they are always good :)
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    Used the following books etc to prepare:

    LAB BOOK: Network+ Exam Cram 2 Lab Manual (ISBN: 0789732939). You need to have two computers + some wireless equipment (router, nics) if you want to do all the labs. The LAB BOOK isn't a must to pass but I recommend it.

    MAIN STUDY BOOK: Network+: Covers 2005 Exam with CDROM (ISBN: 0782144063)


    Used the tech notes from this site and self study notes + Cramsession PDF MEGA GUIDE (that guide is pretty expensive but superb for the "days before reading").

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    Thanks guys,

    I went for the Exam Cram 2 book plus I will be using the tech notes here and I downloaded the pdf study guide from cramsession, I will be studying these for about 2 weeks straight and will hopefully take the exam in the first week of March, thanks again.
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    Oh, some books and guides might take up more than you need to know to pass. It's always great to know more but sometimes it can be too much if you have limited time to study. One of the things I'm thinking about is all the port numbers....focus on the objectives to master all and you'll do great :D

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    I didn't use a book scored 87% on the practice exam first time around

    I used the internet to learn basic stuff like OSI and protocols

    Most of it I already kew from experience
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    I can recommend the Mike Meyers All In One book. Passed first time, it was all I used really apart from some of the port tests on here.


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    I am useing Syngress ISBN 1-931836-42-6.
    Its pretty good
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