Should i buy this book?

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Routing TCP/IP, Volume 1 (2nd Edition) (CCIE Professional Development) (Hardcover)

Well i know im just studying CCNP but i just find that book soo interesting and i read the index and feels like something i ccould understand....
I want something to expand my knowledge about routing protocols, i wanna know deeper of them. Thats why though buying this would be good!

I also wanted to buy another CCIE book Troubleshooting IP routing protocols but ill after i read the trouble shooting part of the CCNP

Anyways you think im making a mistake by doing this? like dunno trying to read something i shouldn't? lol
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    Don't know mate, my personal opinion is I LOVE loading myself up with reading material, it definetely DOES NOT hurt to read some more about something you haven't heard about.
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  • mwgoodmwgood Member Posts: 293
    I just recently purchased volumes 1 & 2 of Routing TCP/IP by Jeff Doyle.

    The great thing about these books is not only the in-depth treatment of routing protocols, but the author also addresses strategic issues in a conversational & practical way. Many Cisco books read like pure documentation, but this one is thorough as well as informing the reader HOW to use the technology presented.

    Very well written.

    My other favorite Cisco Press author is Wendell Odom. His QOS book and CCIE R & S "Official Exam Certification Guide" are worth a look as well.
  • NightShade1NightShade1 Member Posts: 431
    Im gonna purchase it tomorrow :)
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