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Hey everyone,
I have gotten a problem at my work. The problem the switch shows no LED lights, not even the power LED. I felt the power plug and it is real hot, the switch on the other hand is cold. So i'm guessing the problem is with the power supply? I tested using same kind switch and what happend was the power LED was on for about 30 secs then all lights turned off again? Any clues?

This is how network is set up:

DSL Modem --> Router --> switch thats not working --> computer.

The switch thats not working is connected directly to another switch bridging the network togeather.

Any suggestions and ideas wold help,

Thanks for your help.


  • SieSie Member Posts: 1,195
    Fault power supply for that switch by the sounds of it.

    Can you test that switch with a known working supply? (not the one you mentioned got hot)

    Sounds like it could be a short in the transformer (problems in disguise, sorry couldnt help it) icon_lol.gif
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