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I just finished passing my A+ and Network+ exams and now am preparing for the CCNA. I work as a Central Office Telecommunications Engineer for one of the Bell's. I have a good understanding of basic networking. My question was should I take the INTRO and ICND test seperate, or is it best to take them together. How many questions are on each test.
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  • GeorgeMcFly22GeorgeMcFly22 Member Posts: 109
    Hi, my opinion you better go for one test, i studied for 3 months on it, when i started i didn't know what an IP address was, so if you already have a good basic understanding of networks, i don't think you need to do it in two tests.
  • KaminskyKaminsky Member Posts: 1,235
    There is a case to be made for the two exam route in that you can get a certain portion of the curriculum out of the way and in the bag. Then you can get on with the more detailed switching, routing stuff.

    Will cost you more however as your not only paying for two exams but also travel to the testing center, day off work, etc.

    Really comes down to how you study, what you currently know, how much information you can retain, how long it will take you to study. Certainly would be most efficient to do it all in one go but the CCNA does cover a lot of material.

    Completely personal choice.
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