Security+ or CCNA?? help

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Hello everyone, im scheduled to start training and studying for my CCNA in about three weeks, i already have A+ and Net+ and i really want to get into Network Security as a career, my question is should i stick with the scheduled CCNA course or switch it to Security+???
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    It seems to me, at the present time, security certifications are considered a cert for specialization. MCSA does have the option of recognition of a specialty in the area of security--70-214 and 70-227(or Security+ instead of 70-227). I don't know how MCSE does it.

    My thought is, get the basics first before you specialize. From a scan of CCNA exam topics, you would do well with it first. Then you would understand what you are securing. Security+ exam topics do state VPN which is one area of topic for CCNA because of router/switch configurations.

    Your basic studies will give you some background into some security issues and help you to recognize lack of security methods and thereby you'll better understand deep security implementation, monitoring and maintenance.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks, i just needed a little insight...i think ill stick with the CCNA then Security+
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