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I just bought a linksys router and I have a DSL modem. I'm going to use cat5 utp wiring but have a question...

What is the wire called that connects my dsl modem to the router? And what is the wire called that connects my router to my computers? I'm pretty sure its a patch cable. Just wanted to make sure before I buy the wrong stuff. :D

Also, I wanted to get some practice with making my own wires with the crimper and tester tools. Anyone have a "make network cables for dummies" kind of reference, so i know what order the wires go into and everything like that.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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    you can use standard patch cables for both the dsl modem and the computers.

    When you are making patch cables you can pretty much use whatever colors you want on each end, but just be sure to be consistant on both ends.

    it is advisable to be consistant on all patch cables you make, so that there is no guessing and tracking down when you have an end go bad. Most company's have a standard to follow.

    Here is the a link to the standard eia/tia 568a and 568b color configurations.

    If i recall a crossover cable is an eia/tia 568a on one end and 568b on the other end.
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    Thanks a lot for your help.
    It's easier to walk the path if you have a road to follow.
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    Nice link - thanks icon_cool.gif
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    Good link Pandimus - however I suggest that sticking to the correct wiring standard is the only way to go. Sure the cables can work with your own configuration, however it is a freakin pain if you happen to run across cables made like that when on a job.
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    I agree with sticking to the standards. Just wanted to let him know, that if he doesnt care, it will work any way he does it. But your correct about sticking to standards makes life Waaaayyy Easier...
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