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I scheduled my network + exam for the 27th of this month at 1 i been taking nothing but practice exams i go to tech skills and ive been geting like 850 on all my practice exams for school and 80s on my practice exams for mike meyers and the cram session book. i seem to be a little inconfident in subnetting and how that all works i been reading the study guide for this site as well i just dont wana fail my test how mnay can you mis before failing, its 80 questions right?
Thanks Corey

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    Please be sure to check out the tech materials on this site.

    I'm using them as a study aid along with a CBT I picked up.

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    i had one subnetting question. you wont get that many
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    yea subnetting was not a big topic what stands out from my test was all the apple and mac type questions...a topic i just breezed over icon_exclaim.gif. From what i remember on the exam know your cable lengths, topologies, connectors, all the different protocols, and know the port numbers. Hope this helps and good luck to ya!
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    how many can you miss before failing, its 80 questions right?

    I think if you get 80 questions, you'll need to get 56 correct to pass. I think there is 85 questions on the exam - so you'll need 60/85 to pass.

    I am taking my network+ tomorrow afternoon (Fri) at 12:30p.
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