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Firstly can i congratulate Webmaster on not only maintaining a great site but also constantly improving it. I was going to buy your Technotes on the Network+ but does not like me Switch card only wants Mastercard or Visa icon_confused.gif

Right I was suppose to do this Exam this time last year but somehow I put it off for a couple of weeks and all of a sudden its Xmas 2003 If anyone knows where all those Months went please let me know. I am now taking my Exam on Dec 16th all booked and have even booked my 70-210 for Jan 23rd 2004 as I am going to be confident and say I will pass Network+. Just want to know if My Book "Mike Myers All in one" is still up to date with the objectives of this Exam as I am only using this along with the free version of your Technotes (Which are very useful may I add). Also can anyone help me out with areas that are not covered in the Myers book but might come up in the exam.


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    Welcome back Bubsy :D

    Thanks for your kind words!
    I was going to buy your Technotes on the Network+ but does not like me Switch card only wants Mastercard or Visa
    It take AMEX and Discover cards as well, but do you have a paypal account?
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    Mike Myers book is fine for the Network+ exam and covers everything you need to know to pass the exam. As a heads up, make sure you are very good at identifying and troubleshooting network problems especially using the PING utility.

    Good luck on your exams! :D
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    I used Mike Myers for A+, and Network+. Passed both.
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    Sorry Webmaster do not have a paypal account. I live in the UK so have never heard of Amex or Discover. I actually have the exam on Wednesday so I hopefully will be ready by then. :P
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    I recommend Examcram 2 and the Mike Myers passport books, as a study material I'm using Sybex. I also have the benefit of learning with the National IT learning centre, as a distant learning student, and I have to attend a two day workshop on Monday and Tuesday next week. icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Check the edition of the the Myers book you have. Then search on www.bookpool.com and see if it's the most recent one out. If it's not then, rather than buy a new book, spend a couple of hours at your favorite technical bookstore flipping through the newer edition to see what few things may have changed.

    Good luck on your exams. :D
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    Hey! have you purchased from bookpool.com before? I checked them out, and they are a lot cheaper on the Sybex CCNP set i am wanting (Comes out Dec 23) but i had never heard of them before and they were dirty cheap.. thoughts?
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    I have purchased almost ALL of my technical books from bookpool :D They are the best value for books, IMHO icon_wink.gif
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    I, ah, um... I used the Network+ for Dummies guide myself. Good results, not a bad read, but no replacement for experience. Good luck tomorrow!
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