CCIE Written Boot Camp

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Has anyone have any experience with a CCIE R&S Written Boot Camp?

I am scheduled to attend the CCIE Written R&S Boot Camp next month at Unitek IT Training in Fremont, CA. They say they guarantee that you will pass the IE written after the week long bootcamp.

By the way my company is paying for it, so this is why I am going to the boot camp!

Any Suggestions?
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  • IncInc Member Posts: 184
    Make detailed report for us upon return, of course :)

    And good luck/health to you.

    I am looking forward to boot camp in Dubai. Don't know anything about it either and company will cover expenses.

    I suppose you will get some handouts with space left for comments. Ask instructor if dictophone is allowed and record lections for review afterwards. These are just recommendations out of thin air, thinking about how I would do it.

    If they guarantee pass after 1 week - be prepared for army drill like experience :)
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