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I am useing the following matterials to try to pass and I was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions?
1. Network Plus Exam by Robert J. Shimonski <---Best Network plus book
2. Tech notes from this site
3. CBT Nuggets from 2001

I have been making alot of notes in my book on stuff I need to review.
I can say I really have a handle on the OSI model. Other Network Plus books I have looked at had me all confused on some subjects but this Network Plus book I have does a great job in explaing things to me.

Which leads me to a questions or two.
I currently have a small office with two desks in my apartment with 2 computers that are used and hooked up via Peer to Peer. In addition, my son has a Compaq computer in his room that as of yet is not hooked up to my peer to peer network.
I also have an old Macintosh G-3 computer and a HP computer P-3 Proc that is sitting on the floor.

What I would like to do is take the HP and put in a 200 Gig hard drive into it and go Server/Client. My Computer, My Wifes computer and my Son's compaq could all store whatever they needed on the file server while. Meanwhile I would like to Hook up my G-3 Mac to see how it would interact with the network. The whole purpose of doing this is to get some hands on experanice for the network Plus exam.

Any Advice or help would be great!

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    Sounds feasible, the to-be server shouldn't have too many issues addressing 3 clients, could you possible give us some more of it's specs? The G3 shouldn't have a problem connecting, as Apples support networking with Windows computers. Let us know how it goes.
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