OWA FE/BE server quick question

Whenever you have a FE/BE setup does the FE server have to be a member of the internal domain? Or when the user enters a username and password does the FE server use their credentials to connect to the BE server?


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    Yes it will most definitely need to be a part of the domain. When the FE server authenticates a user, it will use RPCs to authenticate with a DC. Afterwards, the FE server will communicate with a BE server over port 80 and then the BE server will do an authentication for that user also. This is called dual-pass authentication. You can do another authentication method where you authenticate to your FE via anoymous (not really authenticating) and the back-end will do the actual authentication. This is called pass-through. Just as an added FYI, in Exchange 2007, a client-access server won't communicate with the other servers via port 80 like how it was with FE > BE, instead, it uses Exchange RPCs.

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