Missing emails Exchange 2003 due to Symantec Security for Ex

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Strange issue this morning and mind you I have just started at my company and don't know the infrastructure setup completely and am also a newbie exchange admin.

Running exchange 2003 with Outlook 2003, also have a Goodlink server running. I had several emails that I read at home on a Treo but when I got to to the office they were gone. This occurred for several people where they had no emails I was the only one who saw them on my Treo so knew they should be there. In message tracking on exchange all the messages show as being delivered. There is only 1 exchange server. They are not in Outlook anywhere, deleted items, recovered items...The cause: Symantec mail security for exchange was installed (not by me), once it was installed emails were not being received at all but I could send ok ( so the missing emails were in this batch when it was running). Once it was stopped emails began to flow in but nothing that had been sent during that time showed up. Any ideas

Also can anyone recommend some good exchange sites and forums they use in addition to this one.

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    www.MSExchange.org is a good site.

    Check the SP level of Exchange and the version of SA for Exchange and make sure they are compatible. Look to see if there is an update for SA for Exchange.

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    They are both on SP2, this server was recently deployed in 2007 so is up to date for the most part. Thanks for the link.
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