Has anyone used Smart Certify?

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I got a call from a guy from Smart Certify advertising the courses they provide online with 24 hour support from a mentor. Has anyone used this before, and is it worth the hefty cost that goes along with it? I think he said the MCSE ran about $2200. Can you really learn enough from an online source to pass for that much dinero? Looking for any positive or negative feedback from anyone using this service.



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    i used to work for smart certify. i realized what a waste of money the program was on the 2nd day of working there. i felt bad calling up all those people and lying to them. the people that are pushing you to buy the products don't know what they're talking about. i had no clue what i was talking about!!! so really, would you want to buy this so-called perfect program from some punk who isn't mcse certified? next time some guy/girl from smart certify calls you bugging to buy their product ask if he's ever tried it and how come he's not certified.
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    I uses these courses for mcse and found them ok...They are great for setting up the theory of a particular topic but really lack out in the detail required for the exams..I finish my studying with sybex and transcenders to give me the "in-depth" knowledge.

    Give them a miss..well over priced. Only reason I used them, is that my employer uses them and paid for them !!
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    I am enrolled with them now but I wish I had researched more completely after looking at some of the other options out there now. It is way over priced and there are lots of restrictions. The mobile player is subject to crashing and lots of little errors in the material. Also not up to speed with current test and limited support with a 9 to 5 access time. And only there ads seem to find my email address. I would not recommend them.
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    When it comes to practice questions --and now CBT's as well-- Trancender (in my opinion) surpasses others in every aspect. I don't know how I'd do on a test if I didn't use a Trancender product for preparation. And of course, if you don't pass within 90 days.... u'll get your money back. icon_lol.gif
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