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So when you mail enable a user, it brings up the alias on the first page. Then you add the external email address to where the mail is to be delivered. Under the email address option in outlook, it reads the SMTP of the external email address. Here's my question. Lets say the user is named [email protected]. I mail enable this user and use his yahoo name, [email protected]. Does this mean that anyone in the company can send a message to [email protected] and then it forwards to his account?


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    Yes I believe you are correct. Mail will be sent to the users primary smtp address by default so it should go to [email protected]. If the user was mailbox enabled he would have a mailbox in the domain and all his mail would be sent there by default.
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    If you mail-enable a user, that user will not have a mailbox. That user will still get an SMTP address and will also have their external address stamped to the user object. Because they do not have a mailbox, if a user sends an e-mail to either the smtp address of the external address, it will go to the external e-mail address since that user account is known to be mail-enabled which requires the external e-mail address association.
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