Is CEH listed on your resume? And advice needed

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    Looking at your post, I would probably suggest finishing the CCNP (or CCSP) route first. It sounds like that's what you do everyday and you'll probably have access to enough Cisco equipment. It's tough to "jump" into security by obtaining C|EH and be 70k plus in two years. But i imagine it would be a smoother transition for you if you went up the security ladder on the side you're most familiar with which again seems to be Cisco. From there you'll have a solid enough security foundation to look into to spreading horizontally. Please don't take this to mean it's impossible, as I know of several people who did just that; Started with no security experience, knew the right person at the right company, got an entry level security job, obtained a security cert or three, got promoted to a more specific and advanced security position, and two years later ended up looking at 100k per year or more. But that's certainly not the norm. I'm usually a fan of solidifying and re-enforcing the knowledge you have first, then shooting for the stars. Again, most of the people who are at the "industry expert" level have a strong background in a very specific area of security. In my case, securing linux and windows OS's inevitably led me to having to address the LAN\WAN side (Cisco). As a business owner I was able to either hire those people and in some cases sub-contract out to those people, but in the process, I've learned a ton as well (And I will jump to Cisco certs eventually, but right now, the experience and hands is more valuable to me personally). If you do want to get into security in another area, either see if you can find an entry level job reflective of where you want to be, or see if there's room in your current company for such a move. Good luck and let us know how it pans out.

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