Taking Network+ exam tommorow

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I'm taking my Network+ test tommorow I'll let you guys know how it goes, c u later icon_wink.gif


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    Best of luck!!
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    Hey you guys I passed quite quickly and it wasn't as hard as I thought it should have been. I found this test easier than the A+. I scored 846 and finished the exam in about 15 minutes. The exam contains plenty of exhibits for you to identify so make sure you know you media connectors and TCP/IP utilities namely: netstat, nbtstat, arp, ipconfig and what they look like on the screen, yes you really do need to know what they look like! Port numbers: well I did get a few questions on them and the effect of blocking various ports in realation to services such as DNS (port 53) for example. I didn't get much on Linux, but a I did get a few on Netware but the main questions were based on Windows NT/2000.
    Finally, good luck to all of you guys and girls and thanks for you support. Don't sweat it the test really isn't that difficult just relax and don't stay up all night worrying about it like I did :D
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    Congrats :D
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