642-502 passed

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Ok so took SNRS today and Passed. Not much point in leaving tips as it was the last day to sit this puppy.

I will say that I hope the new exam is better as this had a massive overlap with the ISCW security stuff.

One stupid sim asked me to do something and that someting was already in the config, I then cleaned it up and it wouldnt show up in the running config!!

I hate spending $150 when they cant even be bothered to write a proper exam! its not like this one was brand new! icon_mad.gif

The only thing I learned from this exam is that SDM has come a long way and is actually pretty good and powering VPN's!

Only IPS and CS-VPN to go for the CCSP, I might put those on the backburner until after the lab.

Study wise, used the DocCD vs Exam objectives and Partner E-leaning, Ive given up with the books its all in the DocCd! (I hate the new colour! and I hate the new Documentation DVD)

Anyway apart from Hating loads of stuff today I passed so Im happy! now back to my lab!
Looking for CCIE lab study partnerts, in the UK or Online.


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