Having problems installing Fedora 7 on PPC

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This is sort of a two-part question.

I recently downloaded Fedora 7 from one of the FTP sites listed @ fedoraproject.org. It is the PowerPC version, because I wanted to install it on one of my work computers, which is, unfortunately, a MAC... allout.gif I downloaded the entire CD image (ISO), and burned onto a DVD. After booting from the DVD, I ran the image check and it came back with an error (no specific information), and suggested I not proceed with the installation. Should I proceed anyway?

Part two, which may be linked to the above issue. I also downloaded the hash code for verification of the ISO image. I tried using the Macintosh command line program to verify the image against the hash document, but I couldn't get it to work. Any Unix gurus out there that could give me some advice with this?

Thanks all.
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    I'm not sure about mac, but on Windows you can use "md5sums" from:

    Usage would be something like this, assuming you downloaded the iso to C:\temp\cdimage.iso:

    md5sums.exe C:\temp\cdimage.iso

    On a linux box (FC2 at least, maybe the same for Mac):

    md5sum /path/file

    or possibly

    md5sum -c /path/file
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