asa 5505 for CCIE security lab

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I think I've purchased all gears for CCIE security lab except for ASA. Hence ASA 5510 is still expensive, I'm considering to buy 5505 instead. Can it be a substitute for 5510? And do I need security plus application?

Thanks for your comment in advance..


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    Mike will likely chime in as a I know he picked at least one up for his lab (I think 2 for failover). The only thing I can see you missing is the AIP-SSM for IPS work, but if you already have a sensor I think you won't miss much about session'ing to it vs. working directly with a 5.x sensor.
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    I went with the cheap (under $500) 10 user 5505 for WebVPN. I've got the unrestricted PIX 515s for failover and contexts.

    The AIP-SSM isn't in the lab -- yet -- that I've heard.
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  • simba123simba123 Member Posts: 14 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Right now, I got 515-UR, VPN 3005, and 4215 sensor with 8 2600 routers.

    Thanks for comments..
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