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Took the CCNA for the first time today and made a 847, needed a 849 to passicon_sad.gif


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    I'm very sorry to hear that, especially with such a score. :o
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    Quick question, when you finish the test it prints you a sheet that list your % for each section of the test. Does anyone know what section goes with the actual router sims? I made a 50% on a section called "Network Management" and I am trying to figure out if that is the router sim section or not. If needed, I can list all the section mentioned.


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    There should be a section named Configuration and Implementation (or one of these.) and that contains the sim questions. But, please do list the others, you are not violating any rules (I know of) by posting info from your score report.
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    This is the 640-607 test also, I did the networking academy awhile back so I got the promotional code for it. Here is the list of them:

    Bridging & Switching
    OSI Model & Layered Communicaiton
    Routed Protocols
    Routing Protocols
    WAN Services
    Network Management
    LAN Technologies
    Cisco & Networking Basics

    I made a 50% on the Network Managment so I think it's the one for the router sims. The only section I made 100% in was the Bridging and Switching and I doubt that was the sims.

    I ran out of time on the test, I got flustered when the first router sim came up because I couldn't figure out how to switch back over to the diagram. I ended up wasting 20 minutes on the first sim and had to rush the rest of the questions so I could get to the next sim before time ran out. Then I didn't read the whole question on that sim and had to backtrack after the intial configuration to correct a ip issue.

    And like the poll said, the hardest part of the test was the WAN quesitons, I made a 67% on that section. The VLAN part killed me, I am weak on VLANS because my networking job I have had for 3 years doesn't do VLANS or ISDN.

    If you have any specific advice for studying WAN's in more detail let me know.

    Also, if any of this voilates some sort of confidentialilty agreement please edit it out
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    Ah, I see, you took the 640-607. Then check out the following page to see what exactly falls into the section Network Management:

    The topics for the sim questions start with the word "Configure" (although not all may be actually in the sims.). The Network Management section does contain two of them. If one or both of these are topics of the sims you had (icon_silent.gif please do not disclose)...

    Also, I think a score of 847 can mean only two things:
    - either you failed 1 or more sims and answered pretty much every other question correctly.
    - or you successfully completed the sims and missed too many other questions
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