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Ever have an annoying problem that you had no idea how to figure out... so you just give up.. and then months later you randomly figure out how to fix it?

Yeah, that just happened. I've had a hard drive from an old computer with some files that i really didn't want to lose on them. i bit the bullet and formated it so i can use it in my server. The problem was that i have files under my documents on the old hard drive, and when i tried to get into them it would give me "access denied". Anyway, we recently bought a new PC and put the hard drive from our old one into the new one and my father was having that same problem. i when to the security tab and added his account with full control and it works. aint that a bastard? something so simple fixed that.

grrrr, i should really make a note of that.
Fantastic. The project manager is inspired.

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