Questions about renting Switches 3560, 3550

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HI, I do not mean this to be an advertisement.

I have / will be obtaining soon a 3560 and a 3550 and am interested in making some money renting them out remotely. My idea is to hook a pc up to them and then through a rdp port give access to the renter. Renting them out for about a 100 per 7 days (24hr access) I am not really a cisco guy, but I think this is a good deal and a good idea, So I am asking some of you guys that really do know to kind of critque my idea.


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    You might succeed if you were to rent out a network topology with routers and switches, but if you are seriously thinking of renting out a 3550 and/or 3560 by themselves - then you will probably encounter a deadend.
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    well its not my goal to build an entire ccie rack, but I understand you would need some routers to incorporate with these switches. What do you recommened?
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    I suppose if I were doing that kind of thing...

    then I would check out what is being offered generally on the market for rack rentals.

    Check out by techexams "wildfire."

    At least look at sites like and, just so you know what is being offered.

    Finally, will give you some general idea of what normally go out in some kits. Just beware of old equipment.

    I suppose you'd be OK with an access server, a frame-switch, 3-5 2600 or 2800 series routers, at least 2 3550 (EMI) or better switches. I'd generally keep the quality of equipment higher than what people typically purchase for their own labs, since what motivates them to rent is that they find it too expensive or infeasible to purchase.
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