Two interviews in Houston Advice Please

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I sent a lot of my resume using differents sites, some people called me for small interview by phone.

I have two interviews this Fryday, One of the company is an I.T. firm and the other is a company that sell Dedicated Servers for web hosting.

I have two concerns:

1. I can percive that they are instersting in my CCNA, my resume does not say anything about exp with Cisco (because I have it but very limited, a few routers in production, not big deal, icon_cool.gif. How do I have to manage this, I do not want to create false perspective to me.

2. This is my first interview in EEUU, for a Network Position: How will you dress? (This is very important).

I will apreciate you comments

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    Just be honest about your abilities. If you didn't have experience listed on your resume, they probably won't expect you to be their sr engineer. They probably would just like you to have basic networking skills. As long as you are honest, they can't expect anything out of you that you can not deliver. I would dress in a shirt and tie at a minimum and preferably a suit unless told otherwise by the company. You definatley don't want to be under dressed. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!
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    Good Luck!
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