Please. Motivation.

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I just haven't been able to pick up my study material lately.



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    I was going to take the Server+ exam but have not been studying for it lately. The biggest reason I lost motivation is the price, my employer won't pay for this particular exam so I was just going to take it for fun anyway.

    The biggest motivation to get certified for me is if my boss wants me to get the cert. If you job requires you to get the Server+ that may be all the motivation you need. Good Luck!
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    drthtater wrote:
    I just haven't been able to pick up my study material lately.


    So take some time off and make a new date to begin prep again. Maybe it's not for you? Or maybe you want to focus on a different exam instead?

    The other option is just jump in and take it....see what happens.

    Sorry, not many options...either get back in and hit the books...or try a different activity. It happens to many of us. For myself, I've reached a point where there are not a lot of exams that pertain to the work I do at this stage...sure I could collect exams for some future date, but there isn't a real need for me to do this at this moment.

    Try 30 minutes of study first thing in the morning or just before lunch or something 'different' then what you once did...see if that peeks your interest again.

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