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I have the opportunity to work with CheckPoint and I'm wondering how valuable it's in the industry/workplace. Once I know the answer, I can decide how deep I want to learn about it.


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    I think they have the largest market share of firewall products across the board. Something like 40%.
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    Learn as much as you can and do the checkpoint certificaiton in the same time. It will help you in long term.
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    sprkymrk wrote:
    I think they have the largest market share of firewall products across the board. Something like 40%.

    And Checkpoint secures 100% of the Forune 100.

    I believe around #76 on that list is Cisco :D
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    I remember when checkpoint became a huge thing a few years back, its now grown into a very nice security globe. Yip, look at taking some bootcamp courses and get some books, will be very beneficial.
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    binarysoul wrote:
    I have the opportunity to work with CheckPoint
    Work at CheckPoint or just work with their support people and technology? They do all their work out of offices in Israel and Belarus, and their sales team is in Dallas (which seems to be the hot place for high-tech sales in the USA). I looked into getting a tech job with CP myself, but the commute from Southern California is a killer! ;)
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    Oppps!!!! when I said I had the opportunity to work with CheckPoint, I was refering to CheckPoint as a technology not as a company :)

    Our company is going through some 'restructuring' and since we will manage Nokia boxes, I have to learn it. Last week I had a chance to work on a production unit and it's awesome. I belive I like security in general.

    I assume PIX is the competition to CheckPoint and it recently bought ZoneLabs. So they are getting bigger. How big is PIX's market share? Anybody knows?
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    Checkpoint is classed as an "industry standard" technology for VPN/security......any experience you can get with it snap their hand off to get it and if you get a CCSA you will have offers a plenty - believe! icon_cool.gif
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    I don't know the market share data, but I see more Netscreen than PIX. Not sure about any actual numbers to back that up though.
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    Cisco across the board has the highest market sales $$- but that includes PIX, ASA, and other units. As a software firewall, netscreen is huge in the industry - there are more netscreen firewalls protecting networks than any other single brand/version of firewall, far more than PIX. But PIX/Cisco in general is tremendously popular and great products. You can't go wrong getting experience on Netscreen or Pix.
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