are you suppose to do a copy run start?

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For the sim questions, are you suppose to do a copy run start after you configure the stuff?

My friend told me I have to do that, otherwise they will count me as an wrong answer..

For the sim questions I got during the test, I did NOT do a copy run start, but I am 100% sure I did all the sim questions right.

1. copy run start, thats a must?

2. if i take the test again, am i going to see the same questions / sims again? or they will definitely give me a different set of questions?



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    You HAVE to do a copy running-config startup-config after you finish your sim + do not forget to do some ping (wherever applicable) to test your troubleshoot simulation.

    Cisco expects you to demonstrate knowledge in troubleshooting and saving up your configurations...

    Good luck
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    OH MY GOD.

    You are basically telling me I failed not b/c I dont know enough, it is b/c of my own stupidness. I score 847 yesterday, and I am almost 200% sure I did all Sims right, b/c I can ping from host to host...and each interface. But I did not save the configuration..

    OH MY GOD. Its my stupidness.

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    ouch that must hurt!!!

    My test is on Tuesday at 7 pm!

    hmm..scoring 90% in todd exams...celtic 100% and i dont know what..
    but still... scared..dont know why :)

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    You must do a copy run start to save your new configuration.
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    I think I'm the dumbest kid ever...I didn't do any copy run start commands after I finished fixing sim problems and so I had no way of knowing if anything worked or if it was even possible for me to get the answer right. If you copy run start will it save, say, a RIP config just enabled on a router and then I would be able to ping across the network? I failed my 801 test today and THAT could be why icon_sad.gificon_sad.gificon_redface.gif

  • halflife78halflife78 Member Posts: 122
    Copy Run Start is you FRIEND, when I took my test I think I copy run started my config like 3 times to be sure lol. But yes, if you don't copy run start then you failed the sim because it didn't save your configurations.
  • WebmasterWebmaster Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin
    It's also the reason why included it in our TechSim, and will include it in every future TechSim as well. As I mentioned in another post, you have to think like you are actually on the job configuring a router. When you get hired to configure a router, you would surely not forget to save the config at the end of the job.
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    Thanks for the after you copy run start can you then test your solution and make sure you can ping??? Thanks again!
  • BrothaBrotha Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
    and therefore if you couldn't ping before and then once you fix it and copy run start, do you have to reload or will stuff automatically show up in show IP route???
  • BrothaBrotha Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
    last question i promise.......
    given a sim on the test where you have to fix a network using RIP, would it be acceptable to use static routes on the one router that isn't using RIP? or would you get it wrong? or does anyone know? Thanks.
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    did i stump you guys? icon_sad.gif my test (#2) is tomorrow!!! icon_mad.gif
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    If any of the routers are using RIP than they all should be running it. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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    Perhaps people are stumped by the fact you are taking this exam for the second time without knowing this:
    Brotha wrote:
    and therefore if you couldn't ping before and then once you fix it and copy run start, do you have to reload or will stuff automatically show up in show IP route???
    As you should know, configuration commands on a Cisco router are effective immediately when they are 'entered'. When you use the 'config terminal' command, you are actually modifying the running configuration. When you eventually save the running to startup config, logically you don't need to reload.
  • BrothaBrotha Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
    THANKS guys...I JUST passed the test. THAT is cutting it close. Got it by 1.1%!!!!! Thanks for your help(s)
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    Congratulations Brotha! icon_thumright.gif
  • pandimuspandimus Member Posts: 651
    ON this same topic will a write command suffice?

    Ive been using write for my routers as opposed to copy run start.

    Seems to be working, but wanna make sure i'm not missing something..
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  • WebmasterWebmaster Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin
    ON this same topic will a write command suffice?
    yes, write is the the pre-IOS 10 way to save the running config. It took me a long while to get myself to use copy run start instead of wr
    If I remember correctly, the write command is not supported in the exam's sims. I would advice those who are not used to the write command, yet, to always use copy run start, because I think someday the write command will not be supported in newer IOS version.
  • pandimuspandimus Member Posts: 651
    will not be supported in newer IOS version

    That bites.. I'm lazy.
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    Hi guys I'm new here and stumbled across this topic because I kept failing my CCNA exam.

    If this topic is true I feel like strangling myself. I scored 844 yesterday and sat it again today and got 831.

    I have NEVER used the "copy run start" in any of the test sims as I thought that it wasn't supported.

    I have passed many exams in my time, through College and Professional ones but this CCNA is killing me. I have read Todd Lammle CCNA study guide (and really believe I know the info) purchased the exam simulator from his site and score always between 940 and 970. I have tried other sims and also score extremely high.

    I am going to try this exam again and use "copy run start", if I get a high score I am going to die! icon_redface.gif
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    If you've used somer good router sims, then shouldn't those sims mark your answer as incorrect if you don't save your configuration?

    Not saving your configuration is a disaster; not only on the exam, but on important configurations you do on your lab (unless, of course, if you never turn off your router).
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