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So I think I am going to go for my CCNP track after a few months after I get other things out of the way.. but Since the CCNP consists of 4 tests.. which would should one do first?

From what ive read/gathered its really about preference and from also what i see.. BSCI is probably the hardest and the rest kinda equal out where ONT is probably the easiest (opinions vary of course).

All this will happen in teh future, its just id like to start planning out some things is all


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    To me, the hardest tests are not the tests with the hardest material. It would be the test that requires the most resources needed for preparation. I think BSCI can be done almost purely with dynamips. BCMSN requires multilayer knowledge, wireless configurations, and voice. If your not already in the field, then these things are very hard to come by. I would start with the tests that you have the most resources for. Then you can aquire resources for the other tests as you go. But ya it really doesn't matter, just start where you are most comfortable. Good luck!
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    I don't think the order of the CCNP is as important as the CCVP. Personally I like to get the hardest test done first, so it is downhill from there. I would recommend starting off with Routing or switching. ( I felt these were both equally hard) I would then go to ICSW. I would save ONT for last. If you have any desire to do your CCVP, ONT and QoS are very similar.

    Good Luck!

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