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Having recently qualified as a CCNA, I'm thinking about taking a Microsoft exam - the Exchange Server 2003 (or possibly 2007). My thinking is that the majority of companies run Exchange and will therefore need someone to look after it.

Now, how do the Microsoft exams work? I've been reading up on the Microsoft site, and it says, once you achieve 70-284 you will receive MCP status. It also goes onto talk about core credits and elective credits. Looking on the 70-284 page, it states the exam is one core credit for MCSA:Messaging. In order to obtain the MCSA:Messaging you require three three core credits. When I clicked on the MCSA:Messaging link, it produced three seperate blocks each with a list of exams.

Block one had exams 70-290 + 70-291
Block two had exams 70-210 + 70-270
Block three had exam 70-284

So to get the MCSA:Messaging, would I just have to complete one exam from each block?

Also is there any time limit on Microsoft Exams like Cisco?



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    In order to get MCSA:Messaging you need to complete both the 70-290 and 70-291. You can write either the 70-210 or 70-270 and of course you must complete the 70-284 exam. There is a time limit for Microsoft exams and varies for each test.

    The only other widely used mail program I know of is Lotus Notes. Most people usually start with the Windows client exam which is either 70-210 or 70-270.

    Hope that answers your questions.
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