FROM field blank in Outlook 2003

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Hey Exchange Gurus

can I ask for you help?

We have a single Domain and run Exchange 2003 with MS Outlook 2003
runs great, but they are randomly consistent occurrences of the FROM field
being blank so I have to fill in my FROM every time I send and new Email.

I cannot for the life of me figue out why? Is it because Active Directlyr doenst recognize
me as a user??? I do not know where to start.

It is intermittent, it isnt there one minute like it is suppose to be hidden and assuming I am sending due to my profile and then it appears again blank and then I have to fill me in?
what is this? and why is it happening all of sudden it never use to be that way?
I have uninstall Outlook and reinstalled it doesnt help!




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    itdaddy wrote:
    ...there are randomly consistent occurrences...

    That made my head hurt...
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    Does it happen when you have the from field off?
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  • itdaddyitdaddy Senior Member Member Posts: 2,089 ■■■■□□□□□□

    how do you turn the from field off? it just happens randomly but consistantly random
    if that makes sense. I open up outlook from being minimized and click on NEW and
    bam FROM field is blank. next time I open it up it is gone like it should be on a NEW email.
    It hapens on a couple of machines. ANd I cannot figure itout? Do i need to RE_SID these machines??? or what?
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    With a new email open, go to "View" and deselect "From field". It should not show anymore. If it is showing, and it's blank, that's no big deal. When the recipient gets the email it will show your address.

    The "from" field allows you to change it to another account you access, like a HelpDesk mailbox. Instead of saying "From Robert VanDyke" you can change it to "From HelpDesk" or whatever, if you have multiple accounts you check, like under the advanced tab on your account properties.
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    thanks. what a dork i am; we usally install our outlook 2003 (i do ) and it is coincides with
    our AD profile and works; the FROM field was intermittent on a few machines; it would show blank and then work normal sometimes with no FROM field. So i looked in the email
    under VIEW and there is was ticked FROM so i unchecked; man this was bugging why it
    was on sometime and off others...i hope it just needed some TLC to be programmed after
    i Unchecked it. but it was so intermittent maybe it just needed some reaffirming!

    thanks for reply

    sometime i need my hand - helpd so to speak! hahaahh

    even the best need help! hahahh lOL
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