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is sercurity+ still on the 2002 objectives? I've been putting this one off for quite some time now while I've been working on my master's degree, but I think it's time to finish it. My employer wants me to work on my CCNA, so I'm hoping I can use the existing materials I already have to get this exam finished before I take the giant plunge into Cisco. Thanks guys :D
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    Iv been wondering the same thing >_<. The CompTIA website states that it is on the 2002 version however it seems some people who have taken the test recently say that it was the 2007 version.

    Anyone know the difference between the versions? I'm looking at taking this exam soon, I purchased the sybex sec+ deluxe edition for exam SYO-101 but have no idea what exam version it is for?? icon_confused.gif Hopefully 2007 :P

    Can anyone shed some light on this issue? thanks :)

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    Right now they are using a 2007 exam. I just took it last week. They are preparing to update for 2008. The test number is the same and the objective are the same as the 2002 just the questions and maybe specifics change during the update which is probably why it is still listed as 2002.
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