best IOS versions for BSCI lab use? 25xx,26xx,3620,3640?

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Hi guys subject says it all.

Having trouble selecting correct image for 2500's especially.
another thread says c2500-is-l.122-15.T15.bin I believe for OSPFv3.

I have been using cisco feature IOS navigator but still have trouble finding the perfect fit for 2500's. Maybe there is not a single image that is clearly the best for 2500's. I know they are old but I can't afford to replace all of them in my lab with 2811's,3640's. I have a cisco account to download IOS images. dynamips recommended ios image opinions also welcomed as I am thinking of trying that out soon.

any recommendations on image versions would be greatly appriciated and I'm sure others will benifit from this info also.

Also, 2650's are going cheap. <$100. are these good routers for CCNP,CCIE?

my current BSCI lab (all routers have max flash/ram)

lab 5x 2514's
2x 3640
3620 (nm-8a frame relay)
var switches
attempting to have complete BSCI lab using current BSCI self study book.


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    The IOS you have for the 2500's will have the IPv6 features, but is missing things like IS-IS and some of the QoS options. Frankly the 2500 isn't a good platform for QoS study, your're better off with the 2600, 2600xm or the 3640's. If you have 3 routers that you can use to study QoS topics on you'll be fine for the ONT, the 3640's 3620, and the 2610 will be plenty for the VPS and security stuff for the ISCW and all the routers will be good for BSCI. The only thing you're missing would be switches, and you may want 2 nm-2v and a fxs/fxo interfaces for some of the voice stuff, but I don't see it being that critical.
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