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I puchased ccnp press books recently to prepare for the four exams. Started browsing on BSCI but i found CIT book with much less content and appears not too dificult. I dont know if it is because i work for an ISP troubleshooting internet connection. Is it advisable to try it first ?has anyone passed without taking the others first ?


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    I don't think it is. I assume, but don't know yet, that it is most 'advisable' to take the other three first. Although I noticed there isn't much overlap between the CIT and the other 3 exams. I think it should depend on which you find the most interesting or useful (i.e. for your current job), not on the amount of pages ;).
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    The idea behind the CIT exam is to take the other 3 topics and ensure that you can fault find and document correctly. CIT has less topics and hence the book is smaller.
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