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I'm wondering what your opinions are on this one.

I know the OSPF router ID is chosen as the highest IP address of the active physical interfaces or the highest loopback address if assigned. However, Lammle's book asks the question and gives the answer as "highest IP address of any logical interface".

Is this right? Loopback interfaces are only a subset of all logical interfaces, so for example, would the highest IP address of some other type of logical interface (ie non-loopback, eg tunnel) interface be used as the OSPF router ID?

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    Does he happen to mean mac address?
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    I was wondering the same thing. Todd lammell's book says highest ip address of any interface and the xxxxxx example question I have says the highest ip address of any PHYSICAL INTERFACE??
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    Please dont refer to that website. (BRainDump
    We who come to know of this site as home deter against such brain **** sites..

    There are plenty of sites that you Can learn from rather than just get the answers to the tests...

    But to be honest with you i am not sure.. You will probably have to wait for one of the CCNA guys's to answer this one..
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    I think as prospective CCNA's were only supposed to know about one logical interface - the loopback, in which case the question and answer D make sense (sort of).
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    The highest IP address on the router is used as the ID. If a loopback address is configured it will be used regardless if it is higher or lower. If multiple loopback address are configured the highest will be used.

    This allows you to define the Router ID by configuring a loopback address, on any router, regardless of the physical interfaces IP addresses.

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