Wendell odoms Subnetting not as good as i'd hoped.



  • pandimuspandimus Member Posts: 651
    Well honestly I am not studying how i think i should be.. Lately Ive been so burned out with studying and looking for a job that i am not doing too much.

    I dont plan to take both tests, cause basically the intro test is like a network plus test with subnetting involved..

    There is a reading plan for the people who want to take just the CCNA test it tells you to read this chapter in first book then read a correspoding chaper in icnd book, the shoots you back to the intro book.. But basically ive been looking for interesting reads and starting there.

    I am not too sure, if you should carry on or stop right there and go back. Generally what i like to do is read the whole book then start practice tests and if i am lacking in something go back to it.
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