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I am trying to setup a query-based distribution group to capture all the employees in 2 different OU's. I was thinking I could build the query by telling it pick anyone that is a "member of" domain users. This has not worked for me as it comes up with nothing. When I specify "member of" should it pickup the group by name or do I need the distinguished name? I've tried both, I guess I must not have the distinguished name formatted correctly.

Does anyone know if setting up a query based group that grabs people from 2 OU's is possible. Would I have to put a group within a group? My ultimate goal is to replace the current ALL list which is static with a dynamic list.
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    How about apply the QB to the entire domain, and select User with a mailbox. This will include all users that you add to your organization with mailboxes. Add the external addresses for contacts you might create.
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    I'm not too good with LDAP queries, but this was being discussed through our Exchange Distribution List in my company.

    Here's what one of my coworker's stated:
    Filtering on OU would be awesome! Except it is impossible. The only two attributes that have the OU are distinguishedName and cn and LDAP search filters on AD will not allow you do partial attribute (ie. using an *) searches on those two attributes.

    Take that as you will, but figured I would chime in.
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