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Ok so I'm about to start studying up for the 298...I hope to schedule the exam for early Feb. This will be my first MS exam in the case study format. My question is, what is the best way to go about studying for this? Do you find it better to read all of the case study info and then go for the questions, or does it make more sense to look over the questions and then just refer back to the case study?
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    I'd start by looking over the questions quickly. This will give you some idea what to focus on as you work your way through the case study.
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    I just passed the 298 two weeks ago and found the Self Test Software product to be very close to the test questions I received. I only got an 868 on the test but I also only studied for a week. I believe the test prep and good foundation from previously having studied for Security+ made it relatively easy.

    As far as advice for the format: the answer to each question is in the case study. Take your time and find the correct answer. Don't think you know what the answer is because you know L2TP/IPSec is more secure than PPTP/MSCHAP there may be a requirement that superceeds the higher level of encryption.

    Good luck and let us know how you do!
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