asking for salary Range


I'm looking for a diplomatic way of finding out a salary range for a job.

Although I'm professionally happy where I am and actually love going ot work everyday I'm' between a rock and a hard place right now.

my girlfriend of almost 5 years had to move away for work so she is half ways across Canada right now. We had discussed me moving there should a suitable position come up. Right now I'm an "it support technician" for a major company in Canada and really the title doesn't accurately reflect my duties. I am part of a 2 man team responsible for sites in ever major city in Canada as well as in charge of managing a few external clients and procuring equipment an d writing policies for them. I'd say I'm really more of a net work administrator and I do a bit of It manager stuff as well. Not too shabby considering my age and experience level ( 5 years in IT).

anyways a job near my girlfriend just came up to be a field technician working with Novell( I do know a bit about it but more of an MS guy)and doing PC repair... a bit of networking, PC roll out lab implementation etc.

even though this would be a bit of a step back professionally it is something I'd be willing to sacrifices since I'm only young, 28 and could re-climb the ladder

problem is it is in Northern Canada and for me to move I'd have to be compensated well

I'd like to find out the salary range and even potential for growth before even applying if possible. I don't want to apply and go through any interview process and have them contact my current employer and jeopardized my situation there to only be offered a mediocre salary.

But I also so not want to jeopardized any chance of getting the job because they think I'm only in it for the money. I do have a genuine love for IT but I also can not afford to live in an isolated community and all the bills that come with it unless properly compensated.

so is there a good way to ask about a job's salary range and potential ot move up or is there no way around being blunt about it


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