Dates for certs on a resume?

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Is it a good idea NOT to put the dates you received a certification on a resume due to the fact that some may have been a while back and it doesn't look current? In particular, compTIA certs since they don't ever expire. I had the dates of my certs (all compTIA) on my resume and I remember one recruiter or interviewer comment that my A+ was a long time ago. Had the dates been left out, no one can see if you got the compTIA cert this year or 6 years ago. Thoughts?
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    I wouldn't write the dates in unless it was within 2 years, unless it was specifically asked for by the employer. All to often people see some number and start assuming things, at least with no dates the door is open for conversation on the topic.
    Example: "So after viewing your A+ credintials we see your certification is from 6 years ago?" , Yes, however to prove competence I would be more than willing to renew the A+ if you would like me to.

    Rather than HR seeing it's from 2001 and just skipping the whole resume`

    Just an example.
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    I have my certs listed in date as I only have a few just now i.e.

    May 2007 ITIL Foundations
    April 2007 Cisco CCNA
    August 2006 CompTIA Network+

    However I'm sitting the Security+ in Feb 2008 and CCDA in March so hopefully I will pass them and at that stage I'll probably list them something along the lines of the below.

    Professional Certification
    August 2006 - March 2008

    Cisco CCDA, CCNA
    CompTIA Security+, Network+
    ITIL Foundations

    The reason I put dates in for professional certification is to keep the education part of my CV consistent. I have dated my college/uni education so I also wanted to date my IT professional education. One f the main things to remember about a CV is to keep the format consistent, so for me it's either the whole education has dates or none at all.


    P.S. you could list the exam number then you're giving an indication in essence of when you took the exam but not listing an exact date so it leaves it in their court to know their stuff.....Just a thought!
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    I don't list my cert dates... I don't think it has an advantage at all... Some employers may think you got it to long ago or too recently.
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    the only benefit I can see to putting a date on a cert, is if you have been in IT for many years, and just want to show that something like your A+ isn't 10 years old. Even then, it is a moot point and most vendor certs kind of explain themselves (MCSE 2003 obviously isn't 10 years old).
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    No benefit to putting dates.
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    blargoe wrote:
    No benefit to putting dates.

    +1...ehh make it +2
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    Definitely not need it. Only need the date when you apply for Govn't job using their format.
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