What Might I be doing wrong on the SIM questions?

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Should I ping an interface after configuration? Should I definitley save the running config afterwards? I think im messing up on these because I can subnet backwards anf forwards, ive been a net admin for five years and have a total understanding of the generic network questions, (i.e. ports, protocols, dns, dhcp, yadda yadda), i have a router and am not really stumped by any of the CLI questions, so all I can figger is im doing something wrong on the SIMS (albeit I dont know it all because Im failing) but I just cant get a grip on what, because like I said, im not really floored with any of the questions that I get.

Any advice?


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    First, if you are not doing a copy run start on any and all of the routers in the SIM you make a change to you missed them. You have to do a copy run start always, otherwise the configuration is not saved.

    Don't overthink the simulations either, the first time I took the test the sims had me so worried I over thought it and ended up messing up on one of the sims, a simple mistake.

    Don't do more than they ask for in the sim either. The sims usually ask for a specific problem to be fixed so only work on that problem. And when I finished my sim I pinged everything to make sure it was correct so it is a good idea just to check.
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    You remembering to use the "no shutdown" command to bring the interface up? Clock rate for a DCE can be easy to forget too.

    Hard to say without more info... just some ideas.

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