Prometric or VUE

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Which testing center is good; Prometric or VUE?
I took CCNA exam this morning at Prometric. Testing Center has very slow PC:

Any Suggestions.


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    I test at a vue testing center located at a local computer training school. I have had absolutley no problems with them and I enjoy my experience each time I go. I wouldn't judge a book (Prometric or vue) by just the name. MOst vue It testing centers are within local colleges andcomputer training schools where you wont get the same experience at each one. Think about computers, network, people. All of these things encompass waht a good testing site it. The computers in the testing room at VUE was not the most up to was just enough to get the job done. If your test freezes on you its most likely something that has to do with software or whatver contraptions they use to deliver the desk to your screen. I hear alot of stories about machines freezing at prometirc centers so maybe they need to look into that....
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    I've had many problems with Prometric, which doesn't necesarily mean they're bad. But VUE is my choice when it comes to testing centers.
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    I have had no problems with VUE but a few issues with Prometric.
      I took 70-290 (ms mcp) with prometric and the computer crashed 2 questions from the end. I had to start again but couldn't on the day because the guys that had booked after me was gonna be here anyminute. So i had to take another afternoon off work to sit again. Believe you me that wound me right up!
      Asked for more and took 70-291 with prometric again. Passed and everything but 3 months on, called microsoft to find out why my transcript for that 291 is not showing on the mcp site. They tell me that prometric have not passed the details to them. I phoned prometric and they asked me if i had passed!!! I said yes so they asked me to fax the result sheet to them so that they can validate it
    This is my experiance with prometric. If you ask me, i think i'll go with VUE now (even if they are a bit more expensive on some exams)
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