CCNA 640-801 test advice

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Hello All,

I will be sitting my CCNA very soon and just need a few questions answered:-

1. How many simulations should I expect AND which technologies should I expect to be configuring

2. When a simulations states "Clocking is provided on Serial 0" does it mean I have to set the clock rate OR it's already present.

3.Any other useful advice or subjects I should brush up on for the test.

Thanks a bunch guys..


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    1. Check for a list with the exam topics. It shows obviously which task one can expect in a the CCNA sims (i.e. "Configure IP addressing")
    2. Shouldn't matter really, you should check it anyway by running the show run or show controllers command.
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    1. Three simulations (at least when I took them last time)
    2. Johan is right, you should always check by doing a show run anyways. If it's not present, then turn it on.. derr..
    3. ALWAYS copy run start at the end of your simulation! If you don't save it, you get no credit!! Practice your subnetting, many questions are on that topic and you want to finish them quick so you have time for the other questions.

    4. Good Luck
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    I took CCNA exam last week; I got 6-8 Simulations; Its not always the same; I know some people just get 2 or 3 Simulations. I got almost everything; RIP, OSPF, Frame Relay, Access List, Networking Troubleshooting. I got 792; icon_cry.gif
    Another thing, I got 56 questions; Due to these Simulations, I was only able to attempt 49 questions;
    CCNA 640-801 is a tough exam as compared to old CCNA 640-607. Old Exam was having the Simouations like setting IP on an Interface, RIP, Configuring Hostname/Description on an Interface. The new exam covers the
    My advice
    1. "PRACTICE, PRACTICE, & PRACTICE" on Cisco Router or Simultaor;
    2. Try to attempt all questions
    3. Read VLANs, LAN Switching, ISDN/DDR Chapters. You will find some questins on these topics.
    4. Finally, Try to find a testing center, with some good/fast PC. Because I took exam in Prometric, and the Testing Center PC was very very slow. It was Pentium-II PC. Next time I am going to VUE. People say VUE is a better choice than Prometric.

    I am also practicing on SIMs now; I am taking this exam after 3 weeks.

    Good Luck for your exam.
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    i took the exam last year three times before passing with a 920. The 1st 2 exam covered nothing that i learned in the 2 semesters of taking tthe ccna course. I got different question everytime, no one the same. study,study, study and then study more. I have read so many threads of how people went and took there test the first time and got an outragous score, the did not take the same course i did and read the same book i did, Most of the questions a had wasn't even in the book! And it is a Cisco Book. Subnetting, Subnetting, and more.......1st time i took it i had 4 subnetting sims and 2 other protocol sims. Needless to say with 5 minutes left on the test i was only on question 20 of 55.The last time i took and passed they were the easiest questions, stuff that should have been on the 1st but Cisco got a total of $475.00 of mine, but hey i"m CERTIFIED!Good luck.
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